What We Do

Aero Data Lab works on projects at the intersection of data science, epistemology, and ethics. We use skills in programming, evidence synthesis, data visualization, and philosophy of science to generate new insights from complex or unstructured datasets—transforming data into knowledge. Then we use expertise in ethics to help transform that knowledge into action and policy.


Much of our work is intended for publication in the academic literature or for the private use of our clients. However, we do host some projects here on this site, which you can browse below.

Who We Are


Spencer Hey
Founder and Director

Spencer is a Ph.D. in philosophy, a faculty member and Co-Director of Research Ethics at the Harvard Center for Bioethics, and a research scientist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. He is the lead developer for the methods and visualizations featured on this site. The eponymous Accumulating Evidence and Research Organization (AERO) data visualization method is a product of his graduate thesis in the philosophy and methodology of science. You can see his complete list of publications here.


Stacey Springs
Senior Advisor

Stacey is a Ph.D. in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Policy and research integrity officer for Harvard’ faculty of arts and sciences. She is an expert in evidence synthesis, research integrity, and science communication. You can see her complete list of publications here—and also check out animations of her lectures on how to conduct systematic evidence reviews and meta-analysis over at Evidence Synthesis Academy.


Amit Bansil
Senior Advisor

Amit is a freelance web designer and developer. Some of his recent projects include an analytics tool for Medicare project managers, a real-time dispatching system, and a computational chemistry simulator. You can see his portfolio of work here.

Clients & Collaborators


In Print

The gallery below links to articles in the academic literature that either use or discuss the methods we’ve developed. (Since many of these are behind paywalls, feel free to e-mail Spencer at to request a copy.)

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Have questions about what we do? Think our approach could be useful for your projects? Sitting on a pile of data and want some help visualizing or exploring what you’ve got? Reach out and let’s discuss! We’d love to help.

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