Creating New Ways to Think About Research

We are an international team of scientists, ethicists, and policymakers developing evidence synthesis and data visualization tools that make research more informative and more efficient.


Transforming Complex Data Into Dynamic Knowledge Landscapes

We are pioneering ways of understanding and interacting with large and complex datasets; helping to elucidate what we know, what we don’t know, and where to go next.

Our Latest Work


What is the predictive strength of surrogate endpoints in oncology trials?

How do patients in trials compare to patients in the real world?


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in the Scientific Literature

Mattina et al. 2017 PLoS Biology

Hey et al. 2017 Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes

Federico et al. 2018 JAMA Internal Medicine

Haslam et al. 2019 European Journal of Cancer

Core Team


Spencer Phillips Hey

Founder and Lead Investigator

Spencer is the lead designer and programmer behind the interactive visualizations on this site. He has 6+ years working in research ethics and policy (first at McGill University and now at Harvard Medical School). He is a Ph.D. in philosophy, and the AERO data visualization method emerged as a product of his graduate thesis on the use of heuristic strategies in science.

E-mail: | Twitter: @SpencerPHey


Amit Bansil

Software Developer

Amit started programming professionally at age 15 writing interactive computational chemistry simulation tools. In the 17 years since, he has worked on software for everything from drug discovery and defense intelligence to tracking sharks in the south pacific. These days his specialization is front-end web development. You can see his portfolio of work here.

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