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What Is It?

The Aero Data Platform is a rich database for clinical research combined with a suite of powerful, flexible, and intuitive tools to help you analyze the research landscape and optimize your product development program.


What Can The PLatform DO For You?


landscape mapping

Systematically reviewing the literature can be slow and laborious. We provide tools that help you rapidly survey the state of evidence and stay up-to-date on research activities.


Strategic Modeling

Clinical trials are expensive, and most R&D programs fail. Our tools can help you identify gaps and opportunities in the research landscape and model different R&D strategies.


Data Sharing

 Our analytics combine public and user-provided data. Although user-provided data is private, we broker data-sharing agreements between users for mutual benefit.



A picture is worth a thousand words. We can provide you with attractive data visualizations that help to effectively communicate the importance of your trials and the superiority of your products.



Example Dashboard

Below is an interactive dashboard based on a systematic review of the cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitor (CETPi) class of drugs. This is just a sample of the kinds of customized, interactive tools that we can provide. Click the tabs to see different perspectives on this landscape and use the tools on the right hand side to mouse-over, zoom, and click to explore the many stories in this data.

Bokeh Plot

Explore more examples on our gallery page

Our Leadership


Spencer Phillips Hey


Spencer is the lead designer and programmer behind the visualizations and tools on this site. He has 6+ years working in research ethics and policy (first at McGill University and now at Harvard Medical School). He is a Ph.D. in philosophy, and the AERO data visualization method emerged as a product of his graduate thesis on the use of heuristic strategies in science.

E-mail: | Twitter: @SpencerPHey


Amit Bansil

Web Developer

Amit started programming professionally at age 15 writing interactive computational chemistry simulation tools. In the 17 years since, he has worked on software for everything from drug discovery and defense intelligence to tracking sharks in the south pacific. Some of his recent projects include an analytics tool for Medicare project managers, a real-time dispatching system, a computational chemistry simulator, a light-scattering controller, and an attendance tracking system. These days his specialization is front-end web development.


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