We build data synthesis and visualization tools to communicate evidence and help users understand the knowledge landscape

Examples of our work


Where are the knowledge gaps?

We created a matrix of study properties and outcomes to show where the evidence is robust, discordant, or lacking across a portfolio of cardiovascular drugs.


Strategy and study design

We created a trajectory map to track the chain of evidence for a new tuberculosis treatment, helping to broker discussions among researchers about the optimal next step.


How do patients in clinical trials compare to patients in the real world?

We created an interactive heat map to show how the age distribution of patients enrolled in trials of cancer immunotherapies differs from the age distribution of patients who receive these therapies in practice.


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Core Team


Spencer Phillips Hey

Founder and Lead Investigator

Spencer is the lead designer and programmer behind the interactive visualizations on this site. He has 6+ years working in research ethics and policy (first at McGill University and now at Harvard Medical School). He is a Ph.D. in philosophy, and the AERO data visualization method emerged as a product of his graduate thesis on the use of heuristic strategies in science.

E-mail: shey@aerodatalab.org | Twitter: @SpencerPHey


Amit Bansil

Software Developer

Amit started programming professionally at age 15 writing interactive computational chemistry simulation tools. In the 17 years since, he has worked on software for everything from drug discovery and defense intelligence to tracking sharks in the south pacific. These days his specialization is front-end web development. You can see his portfolio of work here.

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